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Passion In Long Term Monogamous Relationships

If you are in a long term relationship that is monogamous, you may be dragging yourself through a long dry passion desert.  Read more on Digital Romance, by me.   Traci Ruble on Google+


Strength and Vulnerability Go Hand in Hand: Psychotherapy for First Timers

Being vulnerable is not the same as being exposed or weak.  For some people they are nervous about psychotherapy because they have some misconceptions about what vulnerability is.  This discussion is about what happens inside the therapy room and what it is like and what vulnerability is an antidote to. Traci Ruble on Google+

Normal Hero

F&%k Positive Thinking

When positive thinking training comes as a replacement for learning how to be attuned to another person’s experience, good or bad, it leaves us all feeling a little more lonely, a little more ashamed and a little more guarded. Click to read more on Psyched in San Francisco. Traci Ruble on Google+