Why Couples Therapy Rocks and Everyone Should Go!

Yep, I said it.  I think our expectations have changed so radically in our romantic relationships that everyone should go to couples therapy.  Where the heck are we to learn to be emotionally vulnerable, share power, express needs, set boundaries?  Answer: Intuition? TV? Luck?  or a more full proof strategy – good couples therapy.  Even if you have done couples work before, I guarantee you, you haven’t done the kind that therapists are getting trained in now.  John Gottman’s pioneering research has spawned new thought leaders in the field and couples therapists are more masterful than ever.

Nothing is wrong with you for needing couples therapy.  In fact, I am surprised so many folks are getting through without the extra help.   It is a sign of the times that relationships are not lasting without any models from our past for the kinds of relationships we are demanding today. Family dynamics, gender roles and relationship expectations have radically changed in a very short period of time.  Couples therapy has caught up to the demand and good help is available.

Listen to some thoughts on the topic and some tips for getting the most out of couples therapy.