Online Mothers Group For Single Moms

After I became a mother I wasn’t sure I was good at the job, wasn’t sure I wanted the job and suffered with postpartum depression.  Through the years what served as a mandatory part of being a mom and doing it with grace was surrounding myself with women who tell the truth of their mothering experiences, good and bad with a great deal of compassion.  This transition, in the end, became the best vehicle for my own personal transformation but it required an investment in telling the truth openly with other women, held by a therapist.

I feel called to hold a place for mothers who are needing a way to make sense of their own relationship to being a mother and  the act of mothering.  My intention for this group and this online format is I want all women to have a place to tell the truth, to get support, to grow in your self-compassion and personal understanding.

If you want a convenient, confidential, consistent and safe space to feel held and nurtured as you make sense of and feel all the feelings motherhood is evoking in you, then this is the mother’s group for you.

Themes that have come up in past groups:

  • Being singe is not good for my kid
  • Dating and mothering
  • I miss my non mommy time and self
  • I yell at my kids and feel bad
  • I do/don’t want to work
  • Am I good at mothering?
  • Relating to other mothers
  • My relationships are changing
  • I’ve had dark feelings towards my kids (dislike/embarrassment)
  • My own childhood issues are getting stirred up
  • Is my my kid normal? well liked?

Come be supported!  Sign up here for one of the eight week mother’s groups or email   If there is a strong sense of community, the group can decide to continue on at an interval the group determines.

What: An online community to support you and all your feelings about motherhood and break out of any stuck histories – good and bad / dark and light so you can feel embraced and find your authenticity in your personal style of mothering.  From your authentic style you can connect more with your kid(s) and partner.  This group will have some structure and some free space for just sharing, facilitated by Traci Ruble.

When: Thursday Evening Group from 8:30pm to 10:00pm Pacific Time starting in October 2014

Where: OnLine.  You will need a high speed internet connection, a gmail account and a webcam to participate.  Details once you register.

How Much: Fees are $35/week paid the month in advance.

How Many: Groups are limited to 8 women plus the leader.

How Long: The commitment is for 8 weeks.

There is not one way to mother and yet our culture has told us what it should look like.  Want some fodder to challenge that?  Check out this link where you can Find Out Your Mothering Strengths and Weaknesses based on your Myers Briggs Personality Type! 

Download flyer for Online Mother Group  and share this group with others.  We will continue these groups throughout the year!