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Welcome!   Choosing a therapist you can really connect with and trust is an important part of therapy and research shows often more important than the therapist’s theoretical background.  The purpose of my site is to give you a sense of me and my training and our match to work together.  I have been working with clients for ten years as a trainee, intern and licensed professional and working on myself for over nineteen.  This work is truly my life’s work.


If I am not a match,   I have co-founded a psychotherapy clinic with therapists whose work I believe in who have lower fee and Saturday appointments.  You can schedule with them right from my online schedule or call me and tell me what kind of therapist you are looking for.  As a former board member of the San Francisco Association of Marriage and Family Therapists I have the inside track to many different types of therapists who are great at what they do and am happy to support you in finding your therapist.

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